Twin Engine Safety

Why A Twin Engine Helicopter?

We value your safety as much as our own and with that in mind, we operate the modern Bell 427, powered by twin Pratt & Whitney turbine engines.

This ensures that in the highly unlikely event of a single engine problem, that a safe landing will be effected.

This twin engine policy is rare in the helicopter industry, but it is the level of service that we all take for granted when flying on our national carrier; Air New Zealand. Further world wide, government agencies are increasingly mandating the use of twin engine aircraft for their clients and staff. Here in New Zealand, this is evidenced by all rescue helicopters and police aircraft mandated as twin engine.

Our backup or secondary aircraft, is the well recognised Bell Jet Ranger, which has the best critical safety record of any single engine aircraft including aeroplanes.

See below our safety video with motor sport legend Greg Murphy.



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