CAA Certified Robinson Safety Awareness Training

To Comply With Current CAA Regulations, All Robinson R22 & R44 Pilots Are Required To Undergo Robinson Safety Awareness Training.

We like to make your training experience interesting and enjoyable – no epaulettes or copious doses of caffeine to prevent nodding off necessary (although tea, coffee and lunch is supplied).

Key Elements Of RSAT Training Will Include:

Part 1 of the course – Theory:

  • A new syllabus of R22/R44 ‘Ground’ and ‘in-flight training’ is prescribed.
  • Training is completed under our CAA certificated 141 organisation. We are operators who have an approved Robinson safety course under our 141.
  • It will be delivered by qualified A or B-cat instructors.
  • A General Aviation examiner with Robinson safety awareness privileges must approve the A and B-cat instructors delivering the awareness training (Shamus Howard).
  • You will be watching, videos, engaging in visual explanations of the dynamics associated with two bladed rotor systems.
  • You will complete an exam at the end of the syllabus of RSAT theory. An 80% exam pass rate is required to pass the RSAT course.

Part 2 of the course – Practical Flight Training:

  • Shamus or Jay take you for a flight and go through all of the requirements specified in our CAA certified training manual. In other words, you go our and practice what you learn in the RSAT theory with instructors demonstrating, and you flying.

Requirements under our 141 certificate:

  • Training is required when new pilots are type rated.
  • Ongoing training will be required every 24 months.
  • The pre-solo dual requirements on the R22 and R44 have been raised to 20 hours.

Courses Are Run By A Cat Shamus Howard

Shamus Howard has been a CAA certified A cat instructor and flight testing officer, holding senior positions since 1991. He has the widest range of experience in the NZ Check and Training sector. The company provides the widest range of training for future (and current) PPL to CPL pilots.

Aviation Training Ltd provides the widest range of training for prospective (and current) PPL to CPL helicopter and fixed wing pilots.

Helicopters Used:

You will be trained under our 141 certificate, and either in your own machine, or our Robinson 22 Beta.

Cost Of Course:

Between $400 to $500 per day, depending on number of attendees. The more people who book, the lower the per person cost.

Call or Text Shamus Howard on: 027 242 7837 to discuss dates and book your training.