UFLY Helicopter Trial Flight Voucher

UFLY Helicopter Trial Flight Voucher

Apx 40 Min
Depart TGA Airport
Tour Type:
UFLY Trial Flight
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1 person


If you’ve ever dreamed of flying a helicopter, we have the perfect experience for you, with our UFLY trial flights. Not only do you get to look at some great scenery …

  • You fly the helicopter ..
  • You have a great instructor guiding you, every step of the way
  • Your flying time from the trial flight can contribute towards your license, if you decide you wish to carry on flight training.
  • No previous experience necessary, we’ll take you through step by step..

A bird’s eye view of Tauranga is an awesome experience. From the air, you’ll get unobstructed views of the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga Harbour, while getting a look at the gorgeous protected Matakana Island and the extinct volcano of Mauao. When you are not at the controls, you’ll get the opportunity to take some great photos… There is no better place to fly.

Arriving for your trial flight, we’ll take you through:

    • The basics of how helicopters fly.
    • The helicopter,  the controls, the engine, instrumentation, and safety features.
    • The various areas where we are going to fly around the beautiful Tauranga region.

Once you’ve been through your briefing… It’s time to go flying!

We’ll take you through the systems and pre-flight, and then we’ll start it up!

Your Trial Flight will include:

  • Basic affects of controls..
  • Climbing, Descending, Turning.
  • Hovering the helicopter.
  • Autorotation.

Come with us, for awesome views and an exciting taste of what helicopter flying is like.

Flight Training Lessons Include:

  • Helicopter basic to advanced handling
  • Ground hovering
  • Sling load training.
  • Helicopter theory taught in an understandable way.
  • Best practices developed over years of flying helicopters in extreme conditions.
  • Weather and wind factors
  • Mountain flying
  • Confined space approach and landings
  • Instrument ratings for night time or poor weather flight
  • Everything you need to get your private or commercial helicopter license
  • The fun stuff you can only do in a helicopter.

Flight Info Pack
Download A Flight Training PDF Intro Sheet


Join us, for stunning views and an exciting taste of what helicopter flying is really like.
For more information call Ross on 027 957 3860




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Jason Dean AvatarJason Dean

Awesome flight over White Island. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff - 11/04/2019 

ianbobR AvatarianbobR

5 star rating Scenic flight Friendly knowledgeable pilot made our short flight around the mount and onto Matakana island a great afternoon out. - 4/02/2019 

Fiona Paterson AvatarFiona Paterson

Absolutely phenomenal experience with Ross and his amazing helicopter! We did a 7 seater flight to Waihi Beach over the... read more - 10/08/2019 

Ben Hulme AvatarBen Hulme

Awesome experience! Very professional company to fly with! - 12/17/2018 

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Wow!!! This was such a mind blowing AWESOME experience!!!!!! Ross flew our helicopter to a delicious cafe in Waihi for... read more - 10/15/2019 

Jninenz42 AvatarJninenz42

5 star rating Adventure helicopters Mount Maunganui This company is the best ever We had an amazing experience with them today I highly recommend them to everyone.... read more - 6/22/2019 

barriest Avatarbarriest

5 star rating Awesome experience! I've never been for a helicopter ride. I purchased a present for my Dad's 80th and my sons 10th birthday... read more - 6/16/2019 

Linda Williams AvatarLinda Williams

Outstanding! Still buzzing after our flight around the Mount and up the coast. Highly recommended - 12/18/2018 

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A Advent AvatarA Advent

We had an amazing time flying up to Slipper Island with our pilot Shamus! It only took 25 minutes along... read more - 10/08/2019 

Bob Murray AvatarBob Murray

Perfect present for family. They loved their flight. Will buy again! - 12/17/2018 

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Kelly Moczydlowski AvatarKelly Moczydlowski

AWESOME!!! When we landed at Waihi Beach for lunch my cheeks were so sore from grinning from ear to ear,... read more - 10/10/2019 

TazziesTravels AvatarTazziesTravels

5 star rating Flight out to White Island Lawrence and the guys were amazing, they provided us with pretty much a "charter flight" out to White Isalnd at... read more - 12/12/2019 

Nicholas Hughes AvatarNicholas Hughes

This was the most amazing experience. The staff are great I would recommend this company. Thanks I will be back - 4/30/2018 

Kelly Moczydlowski AvatarKelly Moczydlowski

AWESOME!!! When we landed at Waihi Beach for lunch my cheeks were so sore from grinning from ear to ear,... read more - 10/10/2019 

dales852 Avatardales852

5 star rating Excellent Scenic Experience This was a first helicopter flight for one of us and we both had a great time. The views were... read more - 12/28/2019 

Janette Simpson AvatarJanette Simpson

What a day! Lovely smooth flight there and back. Sampled wine enjoyed Stoneyridges sumptuous menu. Thanks for a fabulous day... read more - 9/14/2019 

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