Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic aviators who love to fly, and all the things you can do in a helicopter (or aeroplane). We are all pilots, some private, some commercial … you can read about us below….

Shamus Howard

Shamus Howard Instrcutor

Shamus is our head pilot (A-cat) with over 30 years flying in a multitude of helicopter pilot and training roles. He has flown over 10,000 hours flying just about every type of helicopter on just about every kind of job you can think of. Shamus is also an A-Cat flight instructor and testing officer.

He does recurring certification for pilots here, and in PNG.
Shamus is one of the very rare flight testing officers who still love to train new students. We also have other instructors for both fixed wing. We offer helicopter training in single engine, and both single and twin turbine helicopters.
Trial flights around the Bay and commercial jobs including lifting are also available up to 1.6 tonnes.
Call us to discuss your training from private PPL to Commercial licensing.

Lawrence Robinson

Lawrence RobinsonLawrence has been flying model aircraft from a young age, aeroplanes and gyrocopters through his teens to early twenties, and helicopters over thee last couple of years.

Lawrence has over 2000 hours flight experience – and a good chunk of that has been in commercial work and as an instructor. Lawrence maybe the young gun in our team, but he’s already a B Cat fixed wing instructor and  soon to be certified Heli copter C Cat instructor.

Lawrence loves flying guests around as well as the more technical (and trickier) jobs like lifting equipment and people into remote places.

Taught to fly helicopters by Shamus, Lawrence has gained an immense amount of skill in his time as a helicopter pilot. That experience combined with many many hours crop dusting in a gyrocopter and aeroplane, makes for a very interesting (and fun) learning experience for a new pilot training us – learning to fly with Lawrence, Shamus and Scotty.

You can see Lawrences full profile here, and follow him on instagram @pilot_lawrence_robinson

Ross Dawson

RossAnother one of our team who isn’t particularly keen on being in the limelight, Ross is also a helicopter pilot who had previously been flying fixed wing aeroplanes for years.

Ross flies everything he can manage to get a rating in. Mia’s better half as she likes to refer to him, Ross also enjoys flying aircraft to, from and around our commercial operations.

He co-ordinates ground crew, for lifting operations, but also loves being involved in sling work and flying different machines in the process.

MiaMia Gordon

Mia is a private helicopter pilot, who loves supporting the team and making people feel at home when they come fly with us. We as a team are a big family of students, clients and helicopters (they have a personality of their own).

Mia has always loved being involved in fun adventurous activities, and flying helicopters is obviously in that category. She’s also our marketing person who sits behind the counter most of the time when she’s not out joining the boys on aerial missions.

Mia is also Rosses “other half”. You can follow Mia on Instagram @pilot_aviator_sunglasses


Scotty doesn’t like the spotlight – let’s just say he’s not the extrovert of our bunch (actually neither are Ross and Mia for that matter), but he’s been flying in the British military before becoming an instructor. In his over 2000 hours of flying, he’s done some pretty exciting stuff.

Scotty with his military background is very diligent around teaching the theory and technical guff you need to know to get your licence. He’s very calm and teaches you all the fundamentals you need to become a chopper pilot.

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