Who We Are

Adventure Helicopters is proud to have a diverse team of Experienced Commercial Pilots, Flight Instructors and Ground Crew.

We pride ourselves on professional service which is only possible through the years of experience and knowledge which we have available in our select team.

With a huge diversity of knowledge, Adventure Helicopters supplies highly professional and trained pilots on all flights. We are proud to have pilots with expertise in the following areas:

  • Commercial Helicopter Operations and Instruction

  • Specialist Multi-Engine Helicopter Operations and Instruction

  • Basic Flight training

  • Remote Area Access and Operations

  • Long Line Lifting Operations

  • Heavy Lifting

  • Human sling Operations

  • Deer culling and recovery Operations

  • Agricultural Operations

  • Adventure related Helicopter activities

Our People

ShamusShamus is our chief pilot with over 30 years flying in a multitude of helicopter pilot and training roles. He has flown over 10,000 hours flying just about every type of helicopter on just about every kind of job you can think of. Shamus is also an A-Cat flight instructor and testing officer.

He does recurrent certification for pilots in New Zealand, PNG and Australia.

Shamus is one of the very rare flight testing officers who still love to train new students.

Ross is also a helicopter pilot who had previously been flying fixed-wing aeroplanes for years.

Ross flies everything he can manage to get a rating in. Mia’s better half as she likes to refer to him, Ross also enjoys flying aircraft to, from and around our commercial operations.

He co-ordinates ground crew, for lifting operations, but also loves being involved in sling work and flying different machines in the process while managing business operations.

It’s really hard to get a photo of Ross!

Secret talent: that would be telling

Mia is Rosses other half who also has a helicopter licence having been hooning around the sky before with Ross and her pilot father in planes, trikes and the occasional hang glider.

Mia is not keen on being anywhere near the limelight, so does a lot of the behind the scenes “nerdy stuff” do with the website etc.

Mia does love accompanying the boys on commercial jobs and helping out around the hangar from time to time.

Secret talent: riding a unicycle (it’s not always pretty)

Will is our junior Line Pilot, looking after our scenic and charter flight guests as well as getting his boots dirty on some commercial work!

He is also is our head ground crew man, loadmaster and drone instructor at Aviation Training.

Will keeps the operating running, from administration, to keeping the helicopters clean and refuelled, to flying operations.

Secret talent: Loves a low and slow brisket on the weekend

Louie. A not so tiny yet adorable self-appointed mascot who likes to “help” wherever he can.

Co-driver for Shamus in his truck and UTE load assistant/observer/supervisor.

The poser not wearing a helmet!

He also quite likes falling asleep in the back of the helicopter with on top of Mum.

He doubles as a handy fluffy backseat blanket on cooler days.

Adventure Helicopters Contact Information

240 Aerodrome Road, Mount Maunganui, 3116