Helicopter Flight Training Tauranga

Why Train With Us?

Aviation Training flight instructor Shamus Howard
Aviation Training flight instructor Shamus Howard

We operate under Aviation Training Ltd, which is a CAA certified, training organisation, operating under both part 61, and 141. This means we are audited by CAA, and our training and safety systems are approved and certified by  them.

Our instructors, based here in Tauranga have a minimum of 1500 hours. They offer more knowledge having flown in a wide range of helicopter pilot jobs, from fire fighting, to flying military helicopters and in all types of weather and varying operations, around the globe.

The collective experience our instructors have, allows you to be taught a wider range of skills, and a thorough understanding of every aspect of helicopter flying.

Flight Training Lessons Include:

  • Helicopter basic to advanced handling
  • Ground hovering
  • Sling load training.
  • Helicopter theory taught in a understandable way.
  • Best practices developed over years of flying helicopters in extreme conditions.
  • Weather and wind factors
  • Mountain flying
  • Confined space approach and landings
  • Instrument ratings for night time or poor weather flight
  • Everything you need to get your private or commercial helicopter license
  • The fun stuff you can only do in a helicopter.

Flight Info Pack
Download A Flight Training PDF Intro Sheet


It’s modern safety features, such as

  • Stroking seats,
  • Energy absorbing structure, 
  • Four-point harnesses with reel,
  • Occupants head trajectography.
  • Fuel Tank – dual-structure with thick, untearable fuel bladder, reinforced fittings, etc

This means that is rated to survive a 2000ft/min impact. This is 8 to 15 times more energy absorbed than competitors.


Flight Info Pack
Download A Flight Training PDF Intro Sheet

You will learn all the theory and practical aspects of helicopter aircraft handling, as well as the dynamics of many different types.

Whether you just want to try a sample of our training, or commit to the full hours needed to get your licence, we are fully rated to help you.

Talk us to today about booking an introductory trial flight, or your first lesson with us by either:

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