Helicopter Wedding Charters

Wedding helicopter flights Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and the Bay Of Plenty

Our helicopters are available to charter for your special occasion or to a location of your choice.

The helicopters we operate are statistically rated as the toughest and safest aircraft in the world. They offer abundant leg room, and storage for carrying luggage or other items.

Bell 206 Jet Ranger (up to 4 passengers)

Bell 427


Comfortable Roomy Seats

Our 8 seater Bell 427 is luxurious and powerful – and with twin engines, it can carry up to 7 passengers comfortably.

Arrive in airconditioned style!

Our smaller helicopter is renowned for it’s comfort and smooth flight experience, as well as its worldwide popularity as the safest single engine aircraft in the world.

We can deliver to you and from any location we can land at (with permission from the land occupier)

Smaller aircraft are available for one person charter flights and up to 7 passengers in our luxury twin engine aircraft (available for bookings in March).

Why Fly With Us?

  • Safest Helicopters: Our turbine powered Jet Ranger is rated as the safest single engine aircraft in the world. Our twin engine helicopter can accommodate larger groups with luxury seating & twin engine safety.
  • Comfortable Roomy Seats: Our aircraft are roomy and super comfortable, so you don’t spill your glass of bubbly and taking photos is a breeze. Want to fly with more than 3 passengers for your flight? No problem, our aircraft’s generous seating arrangements means no squeezing required.
  • Experienced Pilots: Our commercial multi-operation and multi-aircraft experienced pilots can take you the most amazing, diverse and remote places.

 To make a booking or discuss options call or email us

Adventure Helicopters Ltd

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Telephone: 027 957 3860
Website: http://adventurehelicopters.co.nz

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