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Helicopter Rides and Scenic Flights in Tauranga

Scenic Helicopter Rides Tauranga

Mount Maunganui and the Bay of Plenty has plenty of stunning scenery to see by air. From beaches that run to the horizon, clear ocean blue water, White Island, and farmland and bush. Adventure Helicopters do not offer scenic flights at this stage (they’re coming!) , (we do UFly flights). But you can take a scenic helicopter ride with a small number of aircraft companies in the bay (they’re listed further down the page).

Scenic flights with these companies above are perfect for people who have no interest in learning how a helicopter flies or enjoying the experience of flying a helicopter themselves. If you, or someone you know wants to learn how to fly, we offer something different.

Many people interested in flying, and helicopters  may wish to start with an introductory flight, either just as an awesome experience, or possibly as a first step to decide whether they want to go on, and learn to fly.

From the initial 25 to 40 minute introduction flights where you can have a “play” at the controls, and fly the helicopter, to taking you through to full helicopter flight PPL-H, we offer the full range under the tuition of our top rated and experienced CAA certified instructors.

Here are list of reputable companies that offer scenic helicopter, or plane flights below:

Scenic Flight Operators In Tauranga:

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