Helicopter Pilots Licence (PPL) Cost

Private Pilot Licence (PPL-H) Costs and Fee Requirements


All costs are in NZ dollars


Helicopter Flying Instruction:

  • 50 hours dual/solo flying instruction in Cabri G2 helicopter @ $650 per hour (Top rated most experienced instructors, cost for top level categories of helicopter instructors).

TOTAL: $32,500.00


Although 50 hours is the minimum total flight experience as required by Civil Aviation Authority, you may choose to do more.
You’ll also need to book your flight exam which is $500 plus GST and is separate to this cost.


Additional Costs

  • Ground school training to help pass exams and learn theory per hour $15.00
  • Compulsory Mountain Theory Course – 5 hours $300.00
  • Optional Theory ground school for exams – Waypoints books and Human Factors $350.00
  • Language Fluency Test $125.00
  • PPL Aspeq Written Examination Fees (6 x $85 per exam) $510
  • Lifetime Private Pilot License CAA fee $230.00

TOTAL: $1530.00


Manuals and Stationery:

  • PPL Waypoints Text Books: Air law, Principles of Flight, Navigation, Meteorology, Radio Telephony, Human Factors. $584.00
  • Pilot’s Logbook $49.00
  • AIP Volume 1 and 4 Manuals, Charts, Mock Exams $375.00
  • Navigation Computer, Protractor, Scale Rule $155.00

TOTAL: $1163.00


TOTAL COST: $35,193.00

We can train you in your own aircraft by request.

Credit card, bank and cash payments are all accepted. If you sign up for our student loan options, conditions apply.

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