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Helicopter Trial Flights
Bay Of Plenty
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UFLY Helicopter Trial Flight Voucher

$495.00 Apx 40 Min Depart TGA Airport
If you've ever dreamed of flying a helicopter, we have the perfect experience for you, with our UFLY trial flights. Not only do you get to look at some great scenery ... You fly the helicopter .. You have a great instructor guiding you, every step of the way Your flying time from the trial flight can contribute towards your license, if you decide you wish to carry on flight training. No previous experience necessary, we'll take you through step by step.. A bird’s eye view of Tauranga is an awesome experience. From the air, you'll get unobstructed views of the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga Harbour, while getting a look at the gorgeous protected Matakana Island and the extinct volcano of Mauao. When you are not at the controls, you'll get the opportunity to take some great photos... There is no better place to fly. Arriving for your trial flight, we’ll take you through:...