Commercial Operations

We offer a diverse range of  Commercial Helicopter Services including:

  • Twin Turbine Course
  • Commercial Sling Work
  • Fire Fighting
  • Hunting Party drop-off and pickup.
  • Frost Protection Work
  • IFR (Helicopter) Training
  • Robinson Safety Course
  • R22 Ratings
  • Cabri G2 Rating
  • BO105 Rating Training

Unprecedented Safety

We operate two of the safest model helicopters in the world.

  • The redundancy of the BO105 twin engine ex military helicopter means it can fly on one either one of its two engines under load, should one fail.
  • The BO105 is built to military standard and in over 9 million hours of service worldwide, the BO105 rotor has never had a failure.
  • The BO105 can be dual piloted, so you can fly from either side.
  • The Guimbal Cabri is the safest two seater helicopter in the world, with advanced safety features, from one of the worlds leading helicopter designers..

For information and a conversation, contact us via:

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or Phone or txt us on +64 27 957 3860

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