Carbon Offset Contribution

Carbon OffsetWe are very aware of the carbon footprint we leave on our planet. So we have taken several initiates to contribute to carbon negating activities to offset our own carbon footprint.

We have done this by:

  1. Contributing a calculated carbon offset number of trees to run by Project Crimson, a conservation charity which has been championing native tree planting since 1990. Learn more about them and their wonderful partners that make it all possible.
  2. We have also invested  $70,000 in solar panels to power 5 houses and two electric cars which we drive for both work and personal use.
  3. Our Tesla Model x and Nissan Leaf are both fully electric, 100% solar-powered vehicles for picking up and dropping off guests.

Our carbon neutral package includes a drive of our Tesla back from a flight to Waihi Beach Surf Shack Cafe for a delicious meal.

Solar Panel