Aviation Training Limited

Aviation Training Ltd holds a CAA Part 141 certificate endorsed by CAA New Zealand.


Shamus Howard CEO, has held CAA Senior positions held since 1991.

With the most diverse range of experience currently in the NZ Check and Training sector, the company provides the widest range of training for future (and current) PPL to CPL pilots.

Helicopter Instructor and Testing Officer with decades of operational hands on experience in:

  • Fire fighting
  • Lifting
  • Animal recovery (wild deer, pigs etc)
  • Agricultural operations
  • Scenic flights
  • Corporate charters
  • AB-initio instructing
  • Winching
  • DOC survey
  • Liveline power wire ops
  • Fight testing
  • Pilot mentoring
  • Robinson safety courses
Aviation Training flight instructor Shamus Howard
Aviation Training flight instructor Shamus Howard

Shamus is also:

  • Rated in 20 helicopter types, is an A cat flight instructor
  • A GA flight Examiner with multi engine training approvals in NZ
  • A grade 1 multi engine instructor with CASA Australia, current check and training authority in PNG, and formerly in Vanuatu and Fiji.

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